Apache Jmeter Installation on Centos (Linux) with Java JDK 1.7, Java JDK 1.8

Apache Jmeter Installation on Centos Linux In this tutorial I will explain the simple steps to install Jmeter on any Linux machine. Step 1 – Download Jmeter tgz package from official apache website. For Direct Download – Apache Jmeter Step 2 – Extract the downloaded apache-jmeter.tgz package using following command sudo tar –zxvf  /download/apache-jmeter-3.0.tgz Note… Read More »

Hortonworks HDP Certification

Hi Folks, This is Rama, I am a author and writer for Toodey.com! I have Successfully completed my HDP certified developer certification in July Regarding Hortonworks Certification Tips You need to have hands experience on HDP2.4 sandbox it is mandatory to complete the certification. You need to have a handson knowledge in Pig,Hive,Sqoop and Flume… Read More »

What is Hadoop What is mapreduce model

All readers know about this website is all about teaching complex topics in a simple way so in this post we will discuss about core mapreduce model and how it works. What is Hadoop ? Hadoop comes under Apache Open Source community, basically hadoop is designed to solve current relational database problems and it provides… Read More »

Hive Database Example

Hive Database Example I hope everyone is aware about the hive basic things, like why it is useful and how it works, in this post we will discuss about Hive Database example and concepts, I have divided this post into parts so please find other part links at the end of this post. Hive Database… Read More »

Logstash webhdfs example with Kerberos enabled hadoop cluster

In the previous tutorial Part 1,  we have discussed about how to read messages from log file and send this messages to rabbitmq queue In this tutorial we will discuss the logstash webhdfs plugin used for storing logs into hdfs, we will read logs from rabbitmq queue and store this messages into hadoop directory. Note… Read More »

Logstash jdbc plugin example

Logstash jdbc plugin example Let’s say we are storing your logs into some jdbc supportable database like mysql and we need to read logs from the database then below is the example for reading logs from mysql table. Prerequisite Logstash – Refer Logstash installation tutorial Mysql Database   Install logstash jdbc plugin /opt/logstash/bin/plugin install logstash-input-jdbc… Read More »