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What is hcatalog in hadoop – What is HCatalog in Hadoop, in Hive, in Pig, in map reduce ?

What is hcatalog in hadoop hive HCatalog service is used for table and storage management on top of hadoop HCatalog supports different components available in hadoop like mapreduce, hive and pig HCatalog provides very fancy UI based access to hive metastore where you can use this UI for creating and managing tables. For storage it… Read More »

Hortonworks Hadoop HDP 2.1 – Installation and Configuration on windows 7 and windows 8

[spacer height=”20px”] This will explain you simple steps to configure Hortonworks on you Windows 7/8 machine using open source Virtualbox. So Let’s get started Step 1 – Download Hortonworks from its official site. Click here to Download Hortonworks HDP 2.1 – Download .ova file for virtual box Step 2 – Download open Source Virtualbox This… Read More »