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Installation Tensorflow and NLTK (Natural Language Processing) on Ubuntu and Windows

Very simple steps to Tensorflow and NLTK libraries on Ubuntu or Windows   Step 1 – Make sure you have python installed For Python 2 python –version For Python 3 python3 –version   Step 2 – Make sure your pip or pip3 and python-dev packages are installed For python 2 $ sudo apt-get install python-pip… Read More »

Windows or MAC or Android Can not Connect To Network After Changing WiFi Password

By default laptop or mobile device saves wifi password or PIN. To remove the old password or PIN follow below steps Windows 10: Start button. Settings. Network & Internet. Select your Wi-Fi from the left panel Go down and click Manage Wi-Fi settings New windows will open, go down – Under Manage known networks, select… Read More »

Hive Services

Hive Services There are total six Hive services currently run in Hadoop ecosystem. Hive CLI (Command Line Interface) Service: This service is used to manage tables, run hive queries. It is the default service in Hive. It is the most common way of interacting with the hive. Example: Go to command prompt and type: bin/hive… Read More »

Hive Tutorials

Hive Tutorials I highly recommend everyone to buy and read the book to get clear theoretical knowledge about the Hive. You can find book below. This short tutorial will explain you how to create table in Hive, how to import data into hive table. For more advanced hive create table commands please refer my further… Read More »

Hive namespaces (Variables and Properties)

Hive namespaces (Variables and Properties) There are total four namespaces available in Hive, we will go through each one. hivevar This is useful in defining our own custom variables for example Hive> set hivevar:toodey=hello; Hive> set toodey; Now we can use this in any Hive query statement as we have seen in my previous tutorial… Read More »