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Logstash jdbc plugin example

Logstash jdbc plugin example Let’s say we are storing your logs into some jdbc supportable database like mysql and we need to read logs from the database then below is the example for reading logs from mysql table. Prerequisite Logstash – Refer Logstash installation tutorial Mysql Database   Install logstash jdbc plugin /opt/logstash/bin/plugin install logstash-input-jdbc… Read More »

Logstash and Rabbitmq Example

Logstash and Rabbitmq Example In this tutorial we will discuss about some easy steps of sending log messages to RabbitMQ queue, this is a Part 1 tutorial, In part 2, I will discuss about how to store this messages from rabbitmq to hadoop (hdfs) using logstash-output-webhdfs plugin Let’s start our easy step tutorial Prerequisites Logstash… Read More »

How to install logstash 2.2 on centos

How to install logstash 2.2 on centos How to install logstash 2.2 on centos Welcome to my next easy tutorial, this tutorial is about installing latest logstash version using yum repository, this is divided into two easy steps Step 1 – Create a new repository file for Logstash sudo vi  /etc/yum.repos.d/logstash.repo [logstash-2.2] name=Logstash repository for… Read More »