Hive Services

By | April 17, 2017

Hive Services

There are total six Hive services currently run in Hadoop ecosystem.

Hive CLI (Command Line Interface) Service:

This service is used to manage tables, run hive queries. It is the default service in Hive. It is the most common way of interacting with the hive.


Go to command prompt and type: bin/hive


Some CLI options

$bin/hive –help –service cli

It will show you the list of hive usages like –d for defining key value, -e for SQL from command line etc.

Hiveserver Service:

This is a daemon service that listens for thrift calls from other processes.

Hive HWI (Hive Web Interface):

This is a simple web interface service for running commands and hive queries without logging into hadoop cluster or without connecting to CLI.

Hive JAR:

It’s an extension of the Hadoop jar command for running an application that aksi requires the hive environment.


hive> add jar myjar.jar

Hive metastore:

It’s an external metastore service to provide support for multiple client request.

Example – JDBC Metastore, current default hive derby metastore database doesn’t allow to connect multiple clients at a same time.

Hive rcfilecat:

It’s a tool used for printing contents if an RCFile. (RCFiles topic will be covered in further tutorial.)