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Zeppelin Spark installation on windows docker

Step 1 – Pull the Zeppeline docker image from docker hub Open windows power shell and type  docker pull dylanmei/zeppelin PS C:\Users\Tushar Sarde\dockerWIN10> docker pull dylanmei/zeppelin Using default tag: latest latest: Pulling from dylanmei/zeppelin 5040bd298390: Downloading [=======================================> ] 40.89 MB/51.36 MB d28418e25853: Download complete a77a2a6bd2c3: Download complete 3018e0a59d18: Downloading [==============================> ] 36.2 MB/59.48 MB 02eac1341d81:… Read More »

Docker installation on Windows 10

Note – If you are using Windows 7, 8 or less than 10 then please down docker-toolbox. Follow the following easy steps: Step 1 – Download Docker Download Docker for Windows 10 – Official Link Download Docker ToolBox for Windows 7 or 8 – Official Link Step 2 – Follow the installation steps, click on… Read More »