By | September 15, 2016

Apache Jmeter Installation on Centos Linux In this tutorial I will explain the simple steps to install Jmeter on any Linux machine. Step 1 – Download Jmeter tgz package from official apache website. For Direct Download – Apache Jmeter Step 2 – Extract the downloaded apache-jmeter.tgz package using following command sudo tar –zxvf  /download/apache-jmeter-3.0.tgz

Note – This will extract the tgz file.

Step 3 – Go to the extracted directory by using following command cd /download/apache-jmeter-3.0/

Step 4 – Finally to start the Jmeter use the following command bin/jmeter

Note – This will show you (Pop-up) the Jmeter GUI, Enjoy!

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