Hortonworks HDP Certification

By | September 5, 2016

Hi Folks,
This is Rama, I am a author and writer for Toodey.com!
I have Successfully completed my HDP certified developer certification in July
Regarding Hortonworks Certification Tips

  1. You need to have hands experience on HDP2.4 sandbox it is mandatory to complete the certification.
  2. You need to have a handson knowledge in Pig,Hive,Sqoop and Flume before giving the final exam.
  3. Practice as much examples you can provided by hortonworks in training section.
  4. Once you are confident enough take 1 week and revise all the stuff what you have done till.
  5. Now take the practice exam provided by the Hortonworks guys on AmazonEC2 which costs you less than a dollar [i.e., 40 to 50 rs INR].
  6. Take the practice exam repeatedly and solve the practice questions.

Most probably you will get same type of questions with respect to topics given in practice exam.

For more practice follow the below link


Take the final exam you will surely pass! Good Luck!

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