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How to install enable amabri on Hortonworks Sandbox

How to install amabri on Hortonworks Sandbox – Hortonworks Sandbox Ambari Tutorial

Login to your Hortonworks Sandbox

Edit default port of amabri – default ambari port is 80, we need to change it to 8080

Note – I am writing this tutorial because when i configued sandbox, i tried accessing ambari url using but this URL was not working so i changed port to 8080

Edit file to change ambari port and save it (“esc” + “:wq” + “enter”)

vi /etc/ambari-server/conf/

Now restart the amabri service or start it.

/usr/sbin/ambari-server start

Now open your local machine browser and access –

Username – admin
Password - admin

Enjoy beautiful Amabri 2.1 GUI – For Hue GUI hortonrowks Tutorial you can always refer my pref. post Hue Tutorial.

In the next tutorial we will cover how to enable other services like Spark, Falcon, Hbase and etc.

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