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Storm Installation on Ubuntu


Step 1 – Download Storm

Step 2 – Download Zookeeper

Step 3 – Download  ZeroMQ

Step 4 – Download jzmq


Step 1 – Extract Zookeeper folder, go to zookeeper directory then configuration directory and then rename zoo_sample.cfg to only zoo.cfg

Before starting open console and type 

sudo apt-get install libtool autoconf automake uuid-dev build-essential python openjdk-7-jre
sudo apt-get update

Zookeeper Setup

Step 1 – Start zookeeper server

bin/ start

Step 2 – If zookeeper is running then type

bin/ -server

ZeroMQ Setup

Step 1 – Extract the tar.gz

Step 2 – go to extracted dir of zeromq and type –  



make install


jzmq Setup

Step 1 – extract the tar.gz

Step 2 – open console and go to extracted directory and type




Storm Setup


Step 1 – For starting nimbus

bin/storm nimbus

Step 2 – For starting supervisors

bin/storm supervisor

Step 3 – For storm UI

bin/storm ui

Step 4 – Access UI using address


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